There are two Archetypes to choose from once you unlock your Kheldian slot by achieving level 50 with any character. The first of these are Peacebringers, which are “Natural” Kheldians who have merged with human beings.

The other Archetype is the Warshade, which represents the fusion of a human with a Kheldian who has undergone radical scientific experiments to become a Nictus, a being of pure darkness. Though most Nictus feed on the life forces of others, the Warshades have seen the error of their ways and wish to redeem themselves by acting as legitimate heroes in the fight against their dark brethren. Peacebringers use any Enhancement a Natural Hero can, while Warshades can use the same Enhancements as Science Heroes.

Peacebringers have access to one Primary Power Set, the Luminous Blast set. These are Kheldian-energy based powers that include everything from Gleaming Bolt and Gleaming Blast to Luminous Detonation and Dawn Strike. Their Secondary Set, Luminous Aura, brings them defensive powers like Shining Shield, Essence Boost, and Light Form.

Warshades have access to a single Primary Set as well, Umbral Blast. These are modified Kheldian-energy powers such as Ebon Eye, Dark Matter Detonation, and Gravity Well. The Secondary Set is Umbral Aura, which gives them access to defensive abilities like Twilight Shield, Eclipse and Stygian Return.

Kheldian Primary Power Sets have fourteen powers, far more than the nine that other Power Sets have. Their Secondary Sets each have twelve powers. This will encourage variation in Kheldian builds beyond what normal-sized Power Sets would allow.

Neither Peacebringers nor Warshades can access the Flight or Teleport Power Pools. At first glance this looks like a major drawback, until you learn that Peacebringers inherently have Fly at Level 1, and Warshades can inherently Teleport. Kheldians can augment their travel powers with powers such as Group Energy Flight from the Luminous Aura set and Starless Step from the Umbral Blast set.

Kheldians can solo, but those who want to make the most of their powers will find a team. The Kheldians’ inherent Interspatial Link power allows them to gain in strength as they group with other Heroes. Peacebringers bring balance to groups by gaining in offensive power as they team up with Tankers and Defenders, and defensive powers as they team with Scrappers and Blasters. Warshades, however, amplify what a team is already good at. Teaming with Tankers and Defenders will increase the defense of a Warshade, and teaming with Scrappers and Blasters will increase their offensive potential. Both Archetypes will gain resistance to Mez-type attacks (Sleeps, Holds, Stuns, and Immobilizes) when grouped with Controllers.

Kheldians retain the patterns of their past hosts, and can use these patterns to transform themselves into energy-based duplicates of those creatures, gaining new abilities in the process.  The Bright Nova and White Dwarf powers for the Peacebringers (and Dark Nova and Black Dwarf for the Warshades) allow them to change their entire shape, and to access several additional powers.

The Nova powers (Bright and Dark) transform the Kheldian into duplicates of alien beings from the center of a gas giant. These forms are unlike anything seen on Earth before, and they make frighteningly effective Blasters. Novas inherently have Flight, and get access to four powers with which to smite their foes.

The Dwarf powers (White and Black) turn the Kheldian into duplicates of creatures that exist on the surface of faraway stars. In this form, Kheldians are able to withstand damage alongside the best Tankers in the game. Dwarfs inherently gain the ability to Teleport, and have access to four powers while in this form.

While Shape-shifted, a Kheldian loses access to ALL other powers, including pool powers and their inherent Interspatial Link ability. But the tide-swinging potential of these forms can’t be ignored. Plus, your team’s reaction the moment you change into a Dark Nova is priceless.