Epic Power Pools

Epic Power Pools

In Issue 3: A Council of War, Heroes who have reached Security Level 41 will be given access to a new set of Power Pools—the Epic Power Pools. This will be, in essence, a 5 th Power Pool from which Heroes can draw powers from.

  • Players may NOT choose one of the “normal” Power Pools as their Epic Power Pool. The post-40 Power Pool powers need to be from the Epic Pool.
  • Players may only choose ONE Epic Power Pool in their career.
  • Each pool has four total powers in it.

They get access to the powers at the following rate:

  • Power 1: 41 st level.
  • Power 2: 44 th level.
  • Power 3: 47 th level.
  • Power 4: 49 th level.

Some of these powers will sound familiar. This is because they are the same powers as other Archetypes have had access to in their own Power Sets. Other Epic Powers are new and unique to the Epic Power Pools.


  • Blasters can choose from four new Epic Power Pools, with an eye towards defense and control. Cold Mastery has such powers as Flash Freeze. Force Mastery gives access to Personal Force Field and Repulsion Field. Flame Mastery has Fire Shield, and ultimately Rise of the Phoenix. Finally, Munitions Mastery is an all “new” power, which includes Body Armor and a Sleep Grenade.


  • Controllers get some pools that can up their damage potential. They have five pools from which to choose. Stone Mastery includes Hurl Boulder and the new Fissure power. Fire Mastery gives access to Fire Blast and Fire Ball. Ice Mastery contains Ice Blast and Frozen Armor. Primal Forces Mastery gives Power Blast and Temporary Invulnerability potential. Finally, characters who learn Psionic Mastery can learn Mental Blast and the new Mind Over Body power.


  • Defenders get access to Epic Powers in four pools that compliment their already impressive array. Dark Mastery gives access to Oppressive Gloom and Soul Drain. Power Mastery allows a Defender to Conserve Power and eventually learn Total Focus. Psychic Mastery includes Mass Hypnosis and the aforementioned Mind Over Body. Lastly, Electric Fence and the new Charged Armor are available in the Electricity Mastery pool.


  • Scrappers have access to three Epic Power Pools. Some Scrappers may learn Body Mastery, which gives them Focused Accuracy (a new Accuracy boosting power), and Energy Torrent. Other Scrappers may find Darkness Mastery appealing, giving them Dark Blast and Tenebrous Tentacles if they so desire. Finally, Scrappers can choose Weapon Mastery, allowing them access to Web Grenades and two new Shuriken (throwing star) powers.


  • Tankers can choose from four Epic Power Pools. The first of these is Energy Mastery, which includes Conserve Power and the new Laser Beam Eyes. Pyre Mastery is a Fire Tanker’s best friend, as it gives them access to Ring of Fire and Fire Ball. Arctic Mastery allows a Tanker to learn Chilblain and Ice Storm. Finally, Tankers now get to enjoy Earth Mastery which contains Stone Prison and Fossilize powers.