Issue 19 Overview

Issue 19 Overview

The newest City of Heroes® issue, Issue 19: Alpha Strike, primes players for the new Incarnate system for high-level characters while providing more Task Forces and events that reveal the unfolding Praetorian invasion storyline, alternate animations for character powers, and other game enhancements.

The Alpha Slot

Issue 19 unveils the long-awaited Alpha Slot*, the first part of the new Incarnate* system that gives high-level characters access to new powers and challenges. Unlocking the Alpha Slot is no easy task. Players must first learn what it means to exceed the definition of Hero or Villain to become an Incarnate. Mender Ramiel in Ouroboros guides players on this journey.


Two New Task Forces

Challenges already await new Incarnates. The Praetorians have begun their invasion of Primal Earth. Protecting Paragon City™ and the Rogue Isles™ from such overwhelming forces requires the greatest Heroes and Villains (as well as Rogues and Vigilantes) to work together. Two familiar faces will help in stopping the invasion: Apex and Tin Mage.

Apex Task Force*: Apex has joined the Vanguard, and he helps organize your team of Incarnates to stop the Praetorian initial assault. Face off against the Anti-Matter Clockwork, War Walkers, and the Arch-Villain Battle Maiden before they can destroy Paragon City. If you succeed in this battle, the war is yet to be won.

Tin Mage Task Force*: The lost hero Tin Mage has returned to help coordinate an assault into Praetoria to stop the invasion cold. Your team strikes into the very heart of Nova Praetoria to confront Neuron, Bobcat, and a Praetorian army.

New Auras

Issue 19 includes two free auras for all City of Heroes players. These auras are customizable.

Fireflies - Your character can be surrounded by glowing, tintable fireflies.

Snow - Celebrate winter and be showered by snow.

Praetoria Zone Events*

Live events in Praetoria in which your Resistance or Loyalist character can participate:

The Protest (Nova Praetoria): The angry citizens of Praetoria are staging a protest in Nova Praetoria. Will you join them or shut them down?

Syndicate Takedown (Imperial City): The PPD has found a cell of the Syndicate in the Agilecorp building. The two forces are at a standoff at the base of the building. If you hurry you can capture one of the Syndicate's leaders.

The Great Escape (Neutropolis): One of the Failed Experiments has remained lucid and sane, and appears to have the ability to influence other Ghouls. Informants say he is eager to aid the Resistance in its war against the regime. Will you aid him in his escape? Or will you hunt him down now that he has escaped?


Fitness Pool Powers are Inherent

Fitness Pool powers are now inherent powers granted to all new and existing characters starting from Level 2. All characters will be granted Swift, Hurdle, Health, and Stamina. These powers can be slotted and will accept the appropriate Enhancements.

Existing characters with these powers selected via Pool Powers will be able to gain the powers they have not previously taken via the normal leveling process. They will not gain access to any of the Inherent fitness powers until they Respec.

Upon using a Respec, the Fitness pool will not be selectable by the character and all 4 powers will be granted as Inherent Powers at level 2. This prevents issues with lost enhancements or slot allocation errors.

Alternate Power Animations

Now players can customize the animation for some characters' powers. Shoot a Psychic Blast or even launch a Fire Breath from your character's hands. Hurl an attack from one or both hands. Select the animations and customize how a character fires off its powers at any Tailor.

The following powers have alternate animation choices:

Primary Sets: Dark Blast, Electric Blast, Energy Blast, Fire Blast, Radiation Blast, Ice Blast, Psychic Blast, Sonic Attack, Mind Control.

Secondary Sets or Powers: Psionic Assault, Sonic Resonance, Icy Assault, Fiery Assault, Mental Manipulation, Energy Assault, Electricity Manipulation, Integration.

Primal Earth Characters Can Enter Praetoria

Non-Praetorians can journey to Praetoria* through Pocket D.

More Tip and Morality Missions

All City of Heroes characters can play and enjoy more Tip missions, while City of Heroes Going Rogue™ characters can choose from more missions* that impact a character's alignment.

Other Enhancements

New Badges: We've added new Exploration badges for hazard zones.

Merged Monorails and Ferries: The Transit Authorities in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles have made major improvements to the monorail and ferry system by merging their respective routes. All monorails can now travel to every monorail station on the Green and Yellow Line, while all ferries can now travel to every ferry station in the Rogue Isles.

Mission Architect Enhancements: The Tunnels, Praetorian Tech and Praetorian Office map sets are now available in Mission Architect. You can now also select the Praetorian Clockwork, Destroyers, Resistance, Praetoria Police Department, Seers, Ghouls, and the Syndicate as Mission Architect NPC groups.

Apex Apex
Ouroboros Apex
Tin Mage Tin Mage

*Requires the City of Heroes Going Rogue expansion.