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Welcome to City of Heroes: Rebirth!

This City of Heroes private server was created for friends to play together in a fun atmosphere.

There are 14852 registered accounts holding 41983 characters.

Client Download

To download the client, please follow these steps:

  1. We recommend the Sunrise launcher to manage your City of Heroes installation(s). Alternatively, you can use Sweet Tea. Note however that the instructions below assume the use of Sunrise. We do not offer official support for the Cream Soda and Tequila launchers.
  2. Extract the contents of the Sunrise zip file to your chosen directory. If you are using a machine with User Account Control (UAC) enabled, avoid extracting it anywhere that may be protected by UAC. (i.e. do not install it in
    C:\Program Files\
    C:\Program Files (x86)\
  3. Create a shortcut of the Sunrise executable if needed, then launch it. When the program opens, an "Add New Server" dialogue box will automatically pop up. Follow these steps to add City of Heroes: Rebirth:
    • Click the "Browse..." button to the right of the "Install Path" field and select the directory to which you wish to install City of Heroes: Rebirth.
    • Add
      to the "Manifest URL" field. Then click the "Find" button to the right.
    • The "Launch" drop-down menu will now be populated with several options. Ensure "City of Heroes: Rebirth" is selected. Then click the "Save" button.
    • Sunrise will now automatically download and verify the files needed to run City of Heroes: Rebirth.
  4. After the operations have completed, ensure "City of Heroes: Rebirth" is selected in the server list. Simply click "Log In" to launch the game.
  5. When prompted, log in with your username and password and enjoy the game. If you have not made an account yet, head to "Create Account" to do so.