Welcome to City of Heroes: Rebirth!

City of Heroes: Rebirth is a revival for the online superhero MMO, City of Heroes.

We are FREE and Open to the Public.

Our volunteer team is committed to the continued maintenance and development of this classic MMO in the spirit of its originators at Cryptic and Paragon Studios.

There are 15232 registered accounts holding 42959 characters.




Summer Blockbuster Event - Starting June 27 Through July 30

LET'S GO TO THE MOVIES! Time Gladiator and Casino Heist are back for a limited time. Earn badges & Overwhelming Force ATOs! Join a team of exactly 4, launch from Pocket D via LFG for coop alignment...

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Now Testing: Kheldian Revamp - Rebirth Issue 4 Preview

Come check out the EPIC revamp of the Peacebringer and Warshade archetypes...

Link to Kheldian Revamp

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Now Live - Rebirth Issue 3: Highflyers

Issue 3: Highflyers! brings over 800 new cosmetic options to players!

Rebirth's costume revamp soars to new heights with asymmetric chest and hips for male characters! And we didn't stop there: there's a bevy of new options for both male and female costumes, including Arm Wings and many more expert layering options for Integrated Tights!

And if that’s not enough, we’ve added two automatic Inherent Slots in Health and Stamina, adding four whole new slots to your endgame builds! Keep reading for details...

Link to Ri3: Highflyers

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Now Live - Rebirth Issue 2 Edition 3: Fright Before Christmas

Issue 2 Edition 3 brings a twist to CoH's Winter Event.

It's The Fright Before Christmas! Get ready for NEW Holiday Horror mobs, NEW Ice Power Customizations, NEW Powerset Proliferation for Ice Melee, Armor and Cold Domination...

Link to Ri2e3: Fright Before Christmas

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