Rebirth (7 online)

Client Download

To download the client, please follow these steps:

  1. Download Tequila.exe or CreamSoda.exe.

  2. Use the "Options" button, paste our manifest, and click "Add."


  4. Click Play and login with the account created above.

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Welcome to the Rebirth server project! Our server is currently running a beta version of Ouroboros's "Volume 2, Issue 1" code based on issue 24. While there will be NO wipes barring some very serious unforeseen circumstances, there may still be bugs, minor features not fully implemented, or lingering issues with powersets that function properly in Homecoming. We wanted to get a server running for players interested in issue 24 as early as possible, so please bear with any issues!

The latest news about the server can be found at the City of Heroes Community Discord. Please direct questions about the server itself or its configuration (i.e. what gets automatically granted vs what doesn't) to the staff there.

The Ouroboros team is an independent group of coders committed to developing and maintaining a stable code base for anybody to use for their servers. You can learn more about them by reading their Vision Statement and their wiki is making it an ongoing project to document information about the server code and structure.

The Rebirth team is in the process of implementing a more robust bug report system. Until then, please report any bugs you find to a GM or Discord moderator and they will forward it to the Ouroboros bug report channel. You can also see the Ouroboros Bug Tracker for a list of known bugs and ongoing tasks.

About City of Heroes: Rebirth

The streets have long been neglected and the bad guys are running rampant. The streets need patroling. Are you up for the job? Step up to the streets in Rebirth.

City of Heroes: Rebirth is a server project operated by the staff of the City of Heroes Community Discord. Our goal with the issue 24 server is to provide something as close as possible to the game as it was at shutdown. To that end, our goal is for the server to be configured to have no base XP multiplier outside of scheduled double XP weekend events, no microtransactions locked, but also nothing unlocked that can be earned through gameplay.

When you make your character, all formerly cash shop-exclusive costume parts should be automatically granted. ALL locked costume parts you see can be earned in-game. Costume parts you may expect to see but can't find may be Incarnate rewards; otherwise, they are probably one of a few sets of SKUs that the server currently cannot auto-grant due to a bug.